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You received a reminder from SEPA Collect with the Creditor Skrill?

If you have received a payment request from us on behalf of PAYSAFE or SKRILL with the note QCO (Quick check out), this has the following background:

You made a purchase on the internet and chose to pay via Skrill or Paysafe. Skrill/Paysafe is a payment service provider that processes a wide variety of payment methods. The customer selects a payment method on the internet when shopping on the merchant's/provider's site in the payment process (check out) by "clicking" on the corresponding button. To be able to trigger the payment, one has to confirm that one has read the T&Cs and accept them.

The payments you have ordered from our client have been correctly processed. Within the scope of the present payment services contract (§§ 675f of the German Civil Code), our client incurred expenses based on your order, which is why you received the service/goods directly from the merchant/online provider.

Within the framework of this payment process, you assured (§ 675p para. 2 BGB) that the purchase amount would be cleared from your bank account - this did not happen. Reasons could include:

- cancelled or revoked in breach of contract or
- had no funds in your specified reference house bank account or
- have specified a savings account or
- have entered an incorrect account number (e.g. incorrect sort code, incorrect account number, incorrect IBAN, incorrect BIC)
- or the account details and account holder name did not match).

According to the agreed T&C of Skrill/Paysafe and as per the regulations of § 286 II No. 1-4 BGB (German Civil Code), you are automatically in default ("self-reminder") due to non-payment. Nevertheless, as a gesture of goodwill, you were reminded of your obligation to pay by e-mail free of charge. As you have still not paid your debt, we have now been instructed to collect it.

A justified reason for your non-payment is to prove that you have paid the money to Skrill/Paysafe. To do this, please provide us with your bank statement showing the correct payment amount and the corresponding invoice or transaction number so that you can be exempted from the payment obligation.

There is no legitimate reason for your non-payment if the merchant has not fulfilled the service you purchased according to your wishes. In this case, you may have a claim for reimbursement against the merchant. However, your contractual partner Skrill/Paysafe has fulfilled its contractual obligations. In this respect, you are also obliged to pay Skrill/Paysafe.


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