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You received a reminder from SEPA Collect with the Creditor Skrill?

If you have received a payment reminder with a reference PAYSAFE or SKRILL or Moneybookers, this is due to the following reasons:
You have made a purchase on the Internet and have chosen to pay via your Skrill or Paysafe wallet. (Wallet = electronic purse). The internet bank Skrill/Paysafe as payment service provider as per §§ 675 ff. BGB paid on your behalf immediately the agreed purchase amount to the merchant and informed you about the payment of the invoice to the merchant immediately by confirmation email.


However, you have not fulfilled your payment obligation to Skrill/Paysafe afterwards, so that your Wallet =electronic purse now has a negative balance.


Either you have cancelled or withdrawn the payment
- cancelled or revoked the payment or
- had no funds on your specified reference house bank account or
- have specified a savings account or
- entered an incorrect account number (e.g. incorrect sort code, incorrect account number,wrong IBAN, wrong BIC)
- or the account details and the account holder name did not match).


According to the agreed terms and conditions of Skrill/Paysafe as well as the regulations of § 286 II No. 1-4 BGB you are automatically in default ("self reminder") due to the non-payment. Nevertheless, as a gesture of goodwill, you were reminded of your obligation to pay by e-mail reminder. Since you have still not cleared your negative account balance, we have now been assigned with the collection.
A legitimate reason for your non-payment is if you can prove that you have paid the money to Skrill/Paysafe after all. To do this, please provide us with your bank statement showing the correct payment amount and the associated invoice/transaction number so that you can be released from the obligation to pay.
No legitimate reason for your non-payment is if the merchant did not fulfill the service you purchased based on your expectations. In this case, you may have a claim for refund against the merchant. However, your contractual partner Skrill/Paysafe has fulfilled its contractual obligations. In this respect, you are also liable to Skrill/Paysafe for payment.

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